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Hello Kitty Notebook Version 4.0

the Goddess of Inopportune Timing & the Goddess of Unrequited Love

Miranda & Christine
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j a s m i n e & b e l l e ;

two girls entering their twenties, having been best friends for the greater part of their last decade. married for a lot of that time, too. they breathe inside jokes like air and talk through movies, much to the amusement of anyone nearby.

they used to have paper journals ("hello kitty" notebooks 1-3), but now that they're so far away from each other, they have an online one instead.

"just think, if we hadn't ventured almost all the way to the metaphorical dust pile, we would never have gotten here."

"i was in the shower."
"in the dream?"
"no, just in general."
"manos", "we should call someone."-"yeah.", [hugging] sometimes y!, a puppy, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!, acting, always being late (to-everything), always getting chinese food, always-being-the last-ones to leave, and-the-crowd goes-wild! ...yay., beach pizza, being generally obnoxious, being technically-inept, boston, certainly not liars, christine daaé, cities, creating inside-jokes from-thin-air, damn you margaret mitchell!, dancing in the rain, dancing to invisible music, definitely not wal*mart, doing shows together, doors the musical, dramatic theme music, dressing up, duck and cover, eating at restaurants, eating ice-cream with-your-face, everything about disney&disney world, evil ex-boyfriends, expensive? cookies, fate, fly free my friend, geekiness, getting away with murder, getting honked at, getting married, getting sidetracked in bookstores, getting the "wtf?" look, gone with the wind, hampton & salisbury beaches, haverhill, having random adventures, hello kitty notebooks, i got dumped here!, idiocy, jasmine, jigglypuff!!, jim fork, josh groban, lack of stir, learning, lolipops, making (but-not-eating) pancakes, making a mess, making people want-to-kill-themselves, marital aids (lolipops), match point awkward, melancholy (mel-anne-cho-lee), monty python, mr. gori, musical theater, mystery science theatre 3000, not dating each other, not having any stir, not sleep, not-being-able-to make chocolate milk, numerology, obscene lunch conversations, old-fashioned photo sessions, only chocolate chip pancakes, onward (christian soldiers), othello the play(not person), our (non-existant) baking skills, philosophy, poignant kisses?, poking each-other with forks, protho-catholocism?, psychology, puppies, reading, really bad movies, red zone cuba, riding in convertibles, rollercoasters, scarlett o'hara, showing our flaws (?), shut up pig!, singing random songs, slack attacks, sleepovers, smarter than a potato, sociology, soul-mates, stores closing too early(?), stupid tauruses, summertime, taking over russia (with-religion), talking politics, talking through movies, thanks a lot boots!, the freshman four, the friendly toast, the metaphorical dustpile, the museums in boston, the pow wow group, the word "hyperbole!", theatre, think fast!!, thinking too-much about astrology, this island earth, trying on clothes, walking everywhere, warm weather, wasting time, we can pull through!!, when carnies flirt, wistful backs, you guys are smart!